Promos and Reviews

We at BlogNostics have an interest in seeing our contributors succeed. In this section, you can submit artist promos and reviews for material you are currently working on outside of BlogNostics. If you have been a contributing writer or artist to Blognostics, please submit your press release or review request to us here.


Poetry and Prose are preferred in PDF, Word (doc, docx, rtf), Pages for Mac, or plain text. If you have special fonts and formatting, then PDF will be the best format to preserve these. 

Art is accepted in JPG format only.

Spoken Word may be submitted in MP3 or WAV formats. If you have imagery you wish to integrate into the Spoken Word selection, use the same guidelines used in a YouTube video here, maximum 480p: 854x480. 

BlogNostics reserves the right to edit any video content to identify it as a BlogNostics submission and to comply with size and physical dimensions used in our specific page formatting or embedding. 

Please wait until you receive a response to your submission before uploading a new submission.