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As Merriam-Webster defines it: 

a :  love conceived by Plato as a fundamental creative impulse having a sensual element

b :  erotic love or desire

Dictionary definitions are all well and good, but there are some things better expressed than defined. BlogNostics is celebrating its rite of spring with a call for submissions for poetry, prose, original art and spoken word pieces that affirm life and loving as a pean to the sensual side, love and eroticism. Unleash your creative libido and Show. Us. You. 

Please be aware that your work will be promoted on social media. BlogNostics will adhere to the content guidelines of these services. Artistic depictions of sexuality are acceptable to the degree they are acceptable on these services. 

BlogNostics only accepts unpublished, original work. We do accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you withdraw your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

Only upload ONE submission at a time. For poetry, you may submit ONE document of up to five poems. For prose, you may submit ONE document, 7,500 word max. For art submissions, you may submit ONE piece of art, no larger than 1024x768 pixels. For spoken word, you may submit ONE reading under 3 minutes in running time. 


Poetry and Prose are preferred in PDF, Word (doc, docx, rtf), Pages for Mac, or plain text. If you have special fonts and formatting, then PDF will be the best format to preserve these. 

Art is accepted in JPG format only.

Spoken Word may be submitted in MP3 or WAV formats. If you have imagery you wish to integrate into the Spoken Word selection, use the same guidelines used in a YouTube video here, maximum 480p: 854x480. 

BlogNostics reserves the right to edit any video content to identify it as a BlogNostics submission and to comply with size and physical dimensions used in our specific page formatting or embedding. 

Please wait until you receive a response to your submission before uploading a new submission.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.