1 bn~Montage per Montage Event

bn~ Montage is a series of images put together for you to interpret in any manner you see fit, (be it poetry, prose or creative writing) but there is a catch you must use words. There is no wrong or right way to decipher what you see in the image. It’s all about your perception and your ability to free your mind, let your creativity flow and start writing.

A Montage that is submitted to BlogNostics is to be the author's original works previously unpublished and not under consideration by any publications, including Web-based journal, personal blogs, websites, and or any social networking sites.

A Montage can be submitted at anytime, upon bn~Editor approval. Your Montage will be published in our Montage area on BlogNostics. Our editors read bn~Montage submissions year around. Please allow up to 2 weeks to publish any given Montage (the time set for publishing your piece could be shorter). Only 1 submission per bn~Montage.

Please make sure that you Register on BlogNostics.

All Montage submissions will be eligible for print publication, if your Montage is chosen for print publication will be notified via email.

These will not count against your total submissions,  bn~Montage is considered elective. These will not count against your total submission count.