5 Submissions per year

bn~Art Galleries are open to all aspiring Digital Artists, Photographers and Illustrators. BlogNostics showcases todays cutting-edge artists. We are committed to bringing traditional and digital mediums to life in our online environment, and are dedicated to bringing each work of art that is published with BlogNostics to a wider audience.

Limited to 5 Works of Art 

We accept art submissions year round 
Submission Requirements

Images should be submitted as .jpg, .pdf, .PNG, .MOV, file type (little or no compression, baseline standard)

Image file size: Should not exceed 2 MB for each piece of artwork and a maximum of 2 files are allowed during the submission process.

Image size: 72 ppi images should be a minimum of 850 pixels wide or tall. High resolution (300ppi) images can be smaller.

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